Call For Papers
Every field is important: about the presentation, about you, and about all of the good stuff. Please fill them in with as much detail as you can, so that we would understand everything at a glance.
It can be catchy, but, most importantly, it should communicate what your presentation is about.
Key points
It can be an essay or just a list of major ideas of the presentation.
Format of the presentation
There could be three formats: traditional presentation, a ‘house party’ format, which allows for open discussion with fest attendees, and workshop. We understand that you may want to perform, but you may not be able to come. There is an online presentation format especially for this. We connect you online and show you on the big screen.
Name and last name
Your company
Just the name, no need for Inc. or LLC, etc.
Your position in the company
Can you please tell the most exciting things about you? So that everybody understands why it is particularly important to listen to you and not that other guy
Photo (min 500px)
A photo per each presenter if there is going to be several of you. 500px for min side, please.
Social network links
Not to pry or judge. The links might help attendees to broaden their horizons.
Previous presentations
If you have recordings of your previous public endeavours, then please share some links and a few words about presentations.
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